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This is a site I built for my wife's business.  She works out of our home repairing and appraising antique dolls. She also provides her services through a couple of local antique shops.  Because she does not have a separate bricks and mortar shop it was hard for people to find her.

This is a site I built for an Antique, Collectible and Gift mall in Modesto.  They had a good location but were off the main street.  They got little or no foot or drive by traffic.  I built the site and provided them with detailed listings in all the business directories.  This has provided them with a steady stream of new customers who invariably say I never knew you were here until I looked on the web. s.

They needed a web site to help potential customers find them and present a positive image of their passion for breeding Australian Cattle dogs.  I also help improve their web presence so potential customers could more easily find them


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